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March 15, 2015

Dawgs lose to Arky; NCAA Tournament thoughts

Let's get the bad news out of the way, Georgia lost to Arkansas, and badly,  yesterday in the SEC Tournament. We were intentionally playing short handed to get healthy for the NCAA Tournament.

The good news is that we are absolutely in the tournament. I don't see any way Mark Fox would have rested players unless he knew we were already in. So now it's just a question of what seed we will be and where we will be placed.

The tough part is several folks have us last four in, meaning there's a chance we will play in Dayton in a play in game against another 11 seed. For my money, I think we end up at 10 seed.

And I'd much rather be in at 10 rather than at 8 or 9. Your first round game is a 7 seed, which usually means you are likely to play a team that is evenly matched up with you. The other reason is if you win that game, you likely face a two seed in the second round. As an 8/9, you are guaranteed to face a one seed.

The last thing to think about is placement. With Charlotte Jacksonville, and Louisville on the table, Georgia has some pretty good options to get fans, or strong rooting interests, at their site. The best case scenario would be somewhere like Charlotte with Duke as Duke fans will come and root for any underdog. UK fans in Louisville will root for the other SEC teams.

Worst case scenario is Dayton for the play in, then having to play in Seattle in the early game Friday. We'll worry about that after selection, which will be aired at 6pm tonight on CBS.



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