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March 15, 2015

UGA gets 10 seed; to face Michigan State in Charlotte

This morning, I pondered us getting a ten seed, noting the upside of us matching up with a seven seed that isn't that much better with us. The one thing I didn't note is that if they underseed that seven....

Which it sure looks like they did. Michigan State finished the B1.5G as the third a conference with seven teams that made the field, and too one seed Wisconsin to OT in the B1.5G championship. To give you an idea, North Carolina and Georgetown both had similar records, RPI profiles, and good wins/bad losses, but are seeded 4th. Our records look the same, both in conference and out of conference, but two things stand way out about Michigan State vis a vis Georgia: how well they've played the past month (7-3, with two of those losses coming to Wisconsin) and how much better their wins look (four over top 50 RPI, including three in those past ten games.

That doesn't mean UGA is doomed, but it does mean we have a much tougher 7 seed in Michigan State than say Iowa or VCU.

UGA faces Michigan State 12:40pm Friday on TruTV.



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