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March 16, 2015

Andy Landers has retired

This year has to have been one of the hardest of his career, with the injuries and promise that was lost due to them.

He ends his career with 944 total wins, 862 of them at UGA. He's taken teams to eight final fours, been in the Sweet 16 in 20 of his 36 season. We are one of only three programs to have never posted a losing season in women's basketball since it became an NCAA sport.

Georgia Sports Blog thanks Coach Landers for all he's done for UGA athletics. He's a Damn Good Dawg that has given his heart and soul to the Bulldogs.



Alkaline said...

Definitely a DGD. I'm probably just being wistful, but I had to think that when Summitt (Andy's greatest colleague and rival) was forced into "early" retirement due to illness, that he'd probably hang it up before too long.

What's amazing (and so very UGA) is that despite his overall accomplishments, Wikipedia records that he only ever won 5 post-season tournaments. 4 of them were prior to the 1986-87 season (one WNIT and 3 SECs) and the 5th (SEC) came in 2001. In men's basketball I've heard it said that strong regular season records are attributable to coaching, but deep tournament runs are attributable to pure talent.

paulwesterdawg said...

there's no parity in women's hoops. I'll say that. Andy was a great ambassador for UGA. It's a shame he just couldn't keep the mega talents in state over the past 15 years.

The most heart breaking thing was the year that he beat UT several times only to lose to them in Charlotte for the National Title. Around '95 I believe. I was there. He had AWESOME talent that season. Summit just had more.

If the arena held 20k, there were 19000+ Vol fans. UGA just didn't have the support. Some of that was on Andy. Some on Dooley. But it was shocking to see it in person having never been exposed to that imbalance at the time.

Andrew Koppenaal said...

I will say there is parity, just not at the level on the men's side because when you watch the women's tourney you see things that show parity. But at the top level it was always uconn, Tennessee, Duke, LA Tech, and in the last few years ND and Stanford. Just a shame some people try to define his career by national titles

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