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March 4, 2015

Two best games of the season: Georgia vs. Kentucky

If you didn't watch the Georgia-Kentucky game last night, you missed two very important things:
  1. You saw Mark Fox at his best as a coach. He was one step ahead of Kentucky all night. Yes, John Calipari is a terrible in game coach. Yes, he relies on having 8+ guys on his team that would start for every other basketball program in the country. Yes, they are all really 6'7" and over. Still, you have to coach your team to over come the massive differential in Joes. Mark Fox nearly did.
  2. You saw what Stegeman could be. You think we lose to Tech, LSU or Auburn (or maybe even South Carolina) at home with that kind of atmosphere? No way. We shouldn't have to have the number one team in the nation in Athens to have 2,500 of the 35,000 students on campus, plus another 6-8K show up for games against those teams.
Georgia showed we have what it takes to play the kind of basketball it takes to win a game or two in Atlanta and in the NCAA tourney. We also showed we are capable, due mainly to free throw shooting, of blowing a lead to a team they've stood toe to toe with all night. That is a recurring nightmare, and one that will keep Georgia from advancing much farther than than a game or two.

One other thing to note. UK doesn't play that slop grab and grind down low basketball that other SEC teams play, and SEC officials allow to happen. That is a benefit to UGA, especially once we get out of SEC play. There are other teams that do play that style around the country, but the SEC is full of those teams. As we've seen, that is the best way to stop UGA's offense.

The good news is losing at home to the number one RPI team doesn't hurt RPI much. The better news is that Georgia showed that we are a tournament team. Hopefully, we won't go and ruin it by losing to Auburn and whomever we draw in the first round of the SEC tournament.


Carter_Burger67 said...

Free throws and turnovers. If we had not turn the ball over 11 times, and the points UK got off of them, we would have won by 12.

Brandon said...

If "if's" and "but's" were candy and nuts, we'd all have a Merry Christmas. We are what we are and gave em one helluva fight last night.

JRod1229 said...

11 turnovers for a team is actually pretty solid if not really good. What is absurd is UK only had 3 the entire game.

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