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May 8, 2015

Golson in the mix at UGA?


Everett Golson certainly brings some experience to the table, but the article notes his spotty academic record. What it didn't talk about was his game performances, which went from pretty good to down right horrifying (for a more expansive treatment, see his game against Arizona State, where I'm pretty sure he just turned the ball over again).

Still, I can see him transferring. Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly didn't exactly mince words about his play during the season. Even if he's the starter this fall, which it appears he would be, he may have to have a spectacular season to keep from getting the hook at any given time.

I guess South Carolina makes more sense because they have a younger QB stepping in to the starting role. The upside for UGA is that there is a new offensive coordinator, and less guess work about what our offense will be like, considering our RB situation.

Though after playing for Kelly, I'd have to say playing for Richt over Spurrier would be a nice change, too.



Dubbayoo said...

Spurrier is out and Golston hasn't played in a pro system. I say Bama is his best shot or FSU.

Hey berto said...

Yeah, it sounds like Richt recruited him back in High School, so there is a relationship there, so I expect this to be a courtesy meeting at the most.

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