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May 20, 2015

Advanced stats don't lie....UGA projected 3rd in S&P+

Bill Connelly expresses surprise at UGA being there...
The most surprising teams in the top 10: Georgia, Ole Miss, and UCLA. Well, Georgia being third is surprising. I included each set of rankings so you could understand what the numbers see. Georgia has been one of the most consistently awesome teams in the country (fourth in weighted five-year history) and benefits from that here.
I can't say I disagree with him, though we did well in his stats last year. In fact, UGA was easily the most confusing team for him to figure out last year, something he mentioned on more than one occasion. Based on his stats, Georgia will be a favorite in every game they play this year, save two, Alabama and Auburn.

The top ten:
Without further adieu, here are the 2015 projections. Analysis below the table.

ConfProj. S&P+Rk2014 RkProj. change5-year performanceReturning starters impactRecruiting impact
Ohio StateBig Ten24.021-1219
Ole MissSEC18.266014221
Michigan StateBig Ten17.2911281322
OklahomaBig 1217.010133121516

This is a predictor of what will happen, it is, especially in May, a look at what should happen.  Don't book flights to Arizona yet.



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