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May 21, 2015

Advanced stats don't lie, part 2...UGA projected 5th in FEI

Yesterday, Connelly's stats had us 3rd. Today, Fremeau has us 5th. Fremeau's stats look solely at game performance, I have to assume adjusted for returning starters, ect.

I reached out to get a sense of how his formula works:

The projected top ten:
  1. Ohio State
  2. Alabama
  3. Oregon
  4. Baylor
  5. Georiga
  6. UCLA
  7. FSU
  8. Notre Dame
  9. TCU
  10. Michigan State
As I mention in yesterday's post, this isn't a prediction of how the season will end. It is a projection of what should happen, factoring actual, FBS vs. FBS non-garbage time plays.

PS. If you are into advanced stats, Connelly and Fremeau are the go to guys.


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