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June 19, 2015

On the QB situation

Earlier today, I had the pleasure of being on Marc Weiszer and Fletcher Page's podcast with Blutarsky, which was released today. One of the questions revolved around the QB situation, specifically, who will be the starter.

That got me thinking, especially since I've changed my mind several times, why do I think it'll be Brice Ramsey Faton Bauta?

I'm starting with the assumption that Lambert won't be the starter. If he comes in, learns the playbook, takes control of the team, and has the physical tools to beat out two players that have been here all along, then good for him. I don't see it happening. And if it does, our QB situation was far more dire than even the darkest of dark place Tyler would have been allowed to think about.

So that leaves us Brice Ramsey and Faton Bauta.

Why Bauta?

It is really a process of reverse logic, which I'll admit is full of flaws. The thing that keeps standing out to me is 'Why open up the quarterback race?'

Ok, I get we have a new coordinator. But why not chose one after GDay? Why wait? It was clear (to me) that one QB had the ability to put the ball in places better than another. It is clear one has more arm talent, better footwork, and sees more of the field.

Yet I think it'll be the other QB starting.

I don't have a dog in the hunt, other than wanting the coaches and offense to feel they've got the guy in that will give them the best chance to do what they want to do on offense. I just think it'll be Faton Bauta right now.


PS. Yes, I know this is a stream of consciousness semi-rant.
PPS. And I'm willing to be wrong on this. This is written to help me flesh out some stuff in my mind about what our offense will actually be when we get to September.
PPPS. Hint: it'll be a lot of handing the ball off and exploiting match ups in short passing game.


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