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July 23, 2015

SEC "Good" Road Wins

David Wunderlich at Team Speed Kills breaks down each SEC teams last 'good' road win. He defines that as "the most recent road wins over teams that finished above .500 in league play."

Here is his list:
AuburnOle MissNov. 1, 2014
GeorgiaMissouriOct. 11, 2014
South CarolinaMissouriOct. 26, 2013
MissouriGeorgiaOct. 12, 2013
Texas A&MAlabamaNov. 10, 2012
AlabamaLSUNov. 3, 2012
LSUTexas A&MOct. 20, 2012
FloridaVanderbiltOct. 13, 2012
ArkansasSouth CarolinaNov. 6, 2010
Ole MissFloridaSep. 27, 2008
VanderbiltOle MissSep. 20, 2008
Mississippi StateAuburnSep. 15, 2007
TennesseeLSUSep. 26, 2005
KentuckyArkansasOct. 19, 2002

A couple of thoughts. One, Georgia doesn't show up in here as much as I thought it would; I am looking at you South Carolina, Kentucky, and Tennessee. I guess when you lose to Kentucky and Tennessee on back to back weekends at home, that gets puts you half way to a non-winning record. I'm looking at you 2006.

Two, Alabama's road games haven't been that tough. Since that win at LSU in 2012:

Texas A&M (Win against 4-4 team)
Kentucky (Win against 0-8 team)
Miss State (Win against 3-5 team)
Auburn (Loss in Kick 6 game, Auburn played in BCSNC)
Ole Miss (Loss against 5-3 team)
Arkansas (Win against 2-6 team)
Tennessee (Win against 3-5 team)
LSU (Win against 4-4 team)

And there were some squeakers in there: barnburner last team with the ball win over A&M in 2013, OT over LSU last year, 1 point over Arkansas last year. That isn't to say UGA hasn't had their obvious clunks, especially last year, but it bears watching as we go into this season with Alabama coming here and us going on the road to Auburn and Tennessee.


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