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July 24, 2015

Something to think about...

I was poking around strength of schedule numbers and came to two realizations:

Twitter breaking scenario: Georgia's schedule is such that we could lose one game, not play in the SEC Championship and still make the Playoffs. We lose a close game to say Tennessee, to make Barrett Sallee happy. They lose to Auburn or Alabama in the SEC Championship game. Georgia is sitting there with wins over the SEC Champion, Sun Belt Champion, ACC division runner up, and one close loss on the road to the SEC East winner.

Not saying we'd get in, but if it is a choice between us and a team that had Baylor's profile last season, it is a close choice, conference co-champion or not.

Salty SEC homer Twitter scenario: Georgia wins the East with two losses and beats the SEC West winner and keeps the SEC out of the Playoffs. To that, I'll simply eat my delicious grapes, stare at my SEC banner, and not worry a bit over the SEC not getting a team in the Playoffs.*

Just things I was pondering looking at our schedule.

*I am not saying I'd be satisfied with a mere SEC Championship, so all you OMG!!!1!!YOUARETHEPROBLEMACCEPTINGMERESECCHAMPIONSHIPS folks can calm down. This is a hypothetical.


Thinking Bulldog said...

Regarding the Twitter breaking scenario, that's exactly what would have happened in 2011 with Florida. 11-1, #3 right? They would have been in The playoffs. In the present day, this scenario is totally implausible because, well you know, Georgia.

Regarding the salty SEC scenario, that will never happen. In that scenario, SEC champ UGA enjoys a Sugar Bowl against the Big 10 runner up while 11-1 Bama or AU (or Mizzou or Vandy for that matter), who lost their division, still get in the playoffs. Your salty scenario is totally implausible because, well you know, Georgia.

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