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August 4, 2015

Camp opens today

Things I'm thinking about:
  • When will the starting QB be named? For the record, I don't think it'll happen before Vandy, honestly.
  • What is the over under on the number of 'SEC ready' defensive players Jeremy Pruitt thinks he has on his roster? I'm going with 2.5.
  • Who else will step up at RB? In other words, is Keith Marshall really back?
  • How the WRs are progressing. The more we have any deep threat, the more likely we are to rely less on a young QB to do hard things.
  • When will I grow tired of the media whining about the lack of information about the QB race? I know it is their jobs, but this isn't new territory. Mark Richt has been a closed book on personnel for a number of years.
I'm sure there'll be more. For now, I'm glad actual football is going on. Here's to a safe, well run training camp.


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