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August 4, 2015

In other words, the NFL is a QB league

Two things I've been going over in my mind about the QB situation...
  1. It makes sense a bit more to me that we have an open QB competition. The new offensive coordinator is from the NFL. Much like you'd see if you had a new OC in the NFL without a solid veteran starter at QB, UGA has an open QB competition. It is what Schottenheimer knows works for his coaching style. In that vein, I don't buy the QB controversy angle. While I'd like to see one guy step up and take all the reps with the first team receivers (if there is such a thing for UGA), there is an element of comfort in knowing at least two guys will have some rapport with the WR corp.
  2. I've been saying for months that part of Schottenhiemer's lack of success, especially in St. Louis, was the hand he was dealt at QB. It seems others agree
But Snead, a new-breed G.M. who believes in analytics, scoffs at those traditional numbers. He has others, like this one: NFL teams who lose their starting quarterback only win 26 percent of their games.“We won 40 percent,” Snead said. “We’re not writing home, saying we’re successful. (But) we did it with a young team. Schotty did it with the youngest team in the NFL three years in a row.”
Also remember, the Rams used their first round pick to grab Todd Gurley this year. That tells you something about their running back situation last year.

I know it is a cheap laugh and funny punch line to make fun of Schottenheimer. I know I love me a good playoffs rant, but before you write him off due to his name, be sure you know you are doing it for football reasons.


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