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August 7, 2015

First days of camp

It is hard to parse too much from a couple of days of camp, but things I'm thinking about:
  • Jeremy Pruitt voluntarily talking to the media.  This is a change. Frankly, it freaked me out a bit. His comments were also his charges and their readiness for game action. One other thing I keep thinking is that the defense has to play more consistently from week to week. I know Pruitt is thinking that too.
  • Ok, but who else will get RB touches and from what look? There has been some Keith Marshall chatter, but you have to think Sony is the chief back up. The upside of Marshall is he was emerging as a legit receiving RB option. The one thing that worries me about Marshall is his willingness to be in the position that got him hurt two years ago in the first place.
  • The QB situation won't be cleared up before UL-Monroe. I don't see this thing getting settled until at least two (or all three) are given a couple of full playbook open live game series. For that matter, that could happen in the Vandy game, too.
  • Keep an eye on the offensive linemen. If they are getting Brian Schottenheimer's offense down, that means everyone is, because the linemen are the offensive players asked to be fully engaged on every play. If they aren't....
  • Special Teams. We saw some progression last year. Coach Richt's comments about playing more scholarship players on special teams also points to team depth, something Blutarsky has pointed out multiple times. Related: Punting average stands to be better with that increase in depth.
I know we are just a couple of practices out of 29 in, but what stands out to you?


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