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August 31, 2015

Greyson Bob Lambert to start

For my money, it just means he's out there for the first series. While it is fun to read lots into who takes the first snap, I wouldn't...yet.

As for Lambert, he graduated UVA in three years while playing football. We know he's smart enough to do this. His stats were....interesting:

154-261 (59% completion); 6.3 yards/attempt, 10TDs-11Ints, 181.3 yards/game

That 6.3 yards per attempt really gets me. Hutson went for nearly 8 y/att last year. Some of that is UVA passing attack guerrilla skirmish. Much of that is the players Lambert had around him. Especially the rushing game. For reference, Nick Chubb nearly out rushed UVA by himself.

Just stuff to think about as we watch closely on Monday.


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