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August 14, 2015

Timeouts and the Georgia Bulldogs: Stats for the Fire Bobo! Crowd

Football Study Hall does some amazing things with stats. They looked at strategic 'wins' after a coach calls a time out yesterday.

Obviously, I've had some thoughts on Georgia's timeout philosophy in the past. We have shown the ability to call timeouts at places that just make no sense, then end up wasting the strategic opportunity of a reset.

As Jake Troch puts it:
The ability to stop the clock is the most valuable aspect of a timeout, but the scene above highlights another value—the ability to hit pause, strategize, and come up with the right play for the situation. It's like a mini coach battle within the game.
Now, he puts sheds light on the coaches that are good at doing that. And on those that aren't:
Let me help you find Coach Richt (Coaches worse on O and better on D):

Now, this is based off 2006-2014, so you have a healthy dose of 3rd and Willie and CTG in our sample. That Mark Richt is slightly better on D but worse than all but a few coaches on O is a bit surprising. This is especially surprising considering how many times we called TOs under Grantham, just to go back out in the same formation and still give up a 3rd and long first down (as an example).

Maybe this is the source of the Fire Bobo! crowd's hate?



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