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August 24, 2015

What about the rest of the SEC?

I've spent some time thinking about the rest of the SEC and their prospects. Last week on Waitin' Since Last Saturday, I gave my predicted order of finish. What I had and my thoughts on each team:

Georgia - Pruitt in year 2 and an offense that is geared to eat clock, yet close out drives, gives Georgia the edge it needs to win the East.
Missouri - Returning QB and coach that has shown the ability to get more out of his players' talent than anyone else in the league. Bonus: Easiest schedule in the East.
Tennessee - Young team that could make some noise, but for their patchwork offensive line and defensive injuries.
South Carolina - Spurrier with more than one QB seems problematic; last year's defensive issues were deeper than coaching.
Florida - Florida is still a year away from having anything remotely like the talent McElwain will want to run his offense...and Boom isn't there to coach the defense.
Kentucky - Kentucky could jump South Carolina and Florida, but I still think they are another strong recruiting class away making noise, even in the east.
Vandy - Year 2 for Mason with two new coordinators + no significant uptick in recruiting = another zero to one win SEC slate.

Alabama - The Tide is the mirror image of Georgia, except they've had slightly better recruiting. Strong D and a running offense means winning old man football.
LSU - LSU has questions at QB, which is a shock to nobody. They don't at WR and RB, plus still have a very talented defense with a good coordinator. Bonus: the Tigers have out recruited everyone else but Alabama in the West.
Ole Miss - Offensive questions will keep them from winning the West, but they could well be 2012 Florida 2.0 with that defense.
Auburn - Auburn will be better, but with a new QB and sketchy secondary will they be 3+ games better?
Texas A&M - With a Chavis defense, A&M will get better. Just not this year.
Arkansas - I had the Hogs up with Ole Miss and Auburn before Williams got hurt. With him, they are a team that has the ability to win any Saturday. Without him, they'll have to find another RB that can handle 220 carries and gain 1200 yards. Who is that?
Mississippi State - The best returning QB in the league can't play defense or block for himself, so this is the only place I could find putting MSU.

I guess this means a Kentucky vs. Mississippi State SECCG (no, even I can't screw up Vandy not winning the East).


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