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August 11, 2015

Who will you kick around then?

Blutarsky has been on this far more than me, but I agree with him that UGA's football program has been made over in the past eight months.

I suppose the relevant question is will it matter?

I made the mistake of venturing too far off the Dawgvent this morning (read: went to Dawgchat). Boy it that a wasteland of group therapy gone bad. The most frustrating thing I read is that UGA hasn't won anything because of "this feel good players coach BS."

So let's assume that is the case. I guess Will Muschamp was too cuddly, too? And Phil Jackson would like a word.

Georgia's winning or losing can be lain at the foot of the coaches, and I think there is a good case that some of the past two season can be lain at the foot of an administration that was trying to play both sides against the middle.

That has changed.

For what it's worth, I don't buy the 'since it happened' last year thing for
  1. losing games we shouldn't lose
  2. Florida/Tennessee/South Carolina's chances against UGA
  3. turnovers
  4. winning games handily
The same goes for coaching. Yes, people are more constant than the everchanging bounce of a non-round ball, but we have a total coaching turn over since the end of 2013. All the things that everyone complains about
  • strength and conditioning
  • indoor practice facility
  • hitting in practice
  • travel
  • fiery head coach
have changed.

I guess this turned into a rant. I intended to make the point that we are in the midst of a 14 year run of success that our program has never seen by any metric but one.
And we play in a much, much tougher conference than any of Vince Dooley's teams did.

One last thing. Imagine it is August 1980 for a minute. Would you have been called nuts for talking about a national championship back in 1946, 34 years before? That's how long it's been since January 1, 1981, boys. 

Let's get to the future. It is here.



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