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September 21, 2015

3 Questions Answered: South Carolina

  1. Will we have to pass to win? Oh, my. A little hedge, I don't think we had to throw it to win, but it sure blows a defensive game plan out of the water when you throw it 25 times and connect on 24 of them.
  2. Will this be like last year's game? Old scars still ache at night. This felt like a restoration of the world order.
  3. How much does our crowd matter? We were loud and the stadium was full until South Carolina punted it back with 2 minutes left. Awesome job, y'all.
I don't have words to describe Lambert's game. I'll say this about Schottenheimer: if he keeps calling games like this, there'll be lots of pundits around that threw shade in the spring that'll have crow to eat. He called a spectacular game. 



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