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September 21, 2015

SEC Power Poll, Week 3

Well, that was a fun weekend. Ole Miss has bought found Auburn's luck, Vandy wins a game. Arkansas is headed for a 4 win season.
  1. Mississippi - Hugh Freeze can't help that Kristi Malzahn accidentally put Gus' special voodoo doll in the Goodwill donation box at the beach this summer. He's just happy he was at Gulf Shores that weekend and needed some more cargo shorts.
  2. Georgia - For the first time in two seasons, Georgia fans are talking about a coordinator that isn't named Pruitt.
  3. Texas A&M - Getting a 'didn't lose this weekend bump,' but now that their tasty cupcake run is over...oh, never mind, I see Arkansas is next. 
  4. Alabama - Alabama's problems aren't on offense; it's their defense that looks like they are rebuilding and not reloading right now.
  5. LSU - Their rushing game and defense are very good. The rest of their team is middle of the road or below. Is that going to be enough to push them past third in this division?
  6. Tennessee - Playing an FCS team usually cures what ails you. 
  7. Missouri - Sylvester Croom is a big fan of the 2015 Missouri Tigers offense.
  8. Florida - This Florida team is looking like last year's Florida team, but without the distraction of a coach that could go nuts at any sec...hold on.
  9. Mississippi State - The Bulldogs will be in every game because of their QB play.
  10. Kentucky - The Wildcats picked a bad time to remember they haven't beaten Florida since Jerry Claiborne was coach.
  11. Auburn - They scored more points in regulation this week than they did last week. That is something.
  12. Vandy - If they find a way to limit offensive mistakes, the Commodores can make some noise. Their problem is the schedule isn't their friend with Ole Miss and Texas A&M looming. 
  13. South Carolina - I honestly expected Spurrier to retire at his press conference after the game Saturday. This has to be more miserable than working for Dan Snyder.
  14. Arkansas -  Arkansas is staring into the abyss after the injuries to three of their receivers and Beliema's mouth writing checks his team can't cash.


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