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September 15, 2015

3 questions answered: Vandy

Got a little behind and didn't finish this until this morning...
  1. How many passes will UGAQB attempt? Well, we didn't throw it much. 25 times, as foretold by the prophesy: For my money, Lambert will get 20 or so attempts, with Ramsey getting another 5. Ok, Lambert took 21 and Ramsey 4. We still stayed in base 22, but did use two wide outs a few times. This week, stay tuned as UGA may run as many as three wide outs on one play, those crazy kids.
  2. Can the defense handle Vandy's rushing offense? We held them to 105 yards on 39 rushes. I wonder if Jake Bernstein would trade Webb for Chubb now?
  3. What can we realistically expect to be the outcome here? I predicted a 21+ point win, with it back and forth. I guess with it being Nashville PHANTOM HOLDS TO EXTEND DRIVES FOR THE WIN, with the added excitement of Georgia's any given kicking play bug/feature, 17 points seems right.
We got another week of tasty vanilla treats. We didn't get fancy. We didn't need to. We controlled the edge play from their offense. Jenkins used the game to make Vern forget Tim Tebow, if only for a game. Win and move on has been thrown around, but at the end of the season, I'd take 13+ of these wins, honestly.



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