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September 25, 2015

3 Questions: Southern

Simple week in my book:

  1. How many guys will we play? By my count, we've played 74 guys, with all but ten of those getting into at least 2 of 3 games. I don't see us playing too many more, but there are some young guys, especially on defense, that it would be nice to see get significant reps. On offense, I want to see the OL starters on the side line all of the second half. The same goes for pretty much all the offensive starters.
  2. Will we break out some other looks on offense? Last week, we ran many multiple sets, including a few with 3+ WRs in. This week, it'll be interesting to see if we run the diamond or some other sets to get Michel and Chubb in the backfield at the same time. Or to see the three TEs in with Hicks and Blazevich in the H and Slot....with Michel and Chubb in the backfield. 
  3. How will the kicking game look? I'd hope we don't see too many punts. I'm looking for consistent coverage on kickoffs and/or touchbacks galore. Southern's best weapon is a 5'5" speedster named Willie Quinn. He'll take the ball out from 9 1/2 yards deep, because why not? 
Stay healthy, look competent in all three phases, get some game reps for young guys. And let Bauta run wild in the 4th quarter.


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