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September 27, 2015

Can we all agree Vandy is better and move on?

I've been saying it for three weeks: Vandy is going to hurt someone's feelings this season. It nearly happened in Oxford last night. I'll not got into the yeah buts about either. The fact remains that Ole Miss, at home, needed a 4th quarter TD and a stop late in the game to ensure a victory. And Ole Miss played a game that no one is calling sloppy.

A quick look at the Vandy's stats vs Ole Miss and vs UGA shows a team that played really good defense on a team that is hampered by a clunky offense. In other words, like Florida last year. Vandy held both Ole Miss (5.62 yards per play) and UGA (6.39 yards per play) to their lowest yards per play of the season.

Vandy's schedule isn't their friend, with Texas A&M being their other cross over game, but their defense is good enough to keep them in the game. I just don't trust their offense to do anything to help them win. They'll still not end up bowl eligible (I think), but make no mistake, 2015 Vandy is a much, much better football team than the 2014 version was.


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