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September 4, 2015

3 Questions: UL-Monroe

After watching South Carolina and others struggle against their opening opponents, I'm worried about my 41-10 prediction for tomorrow. I always forget, these games are usually tougher than you expect, unless you play Alcorn State.

It's been a while since we've been as settled, at least from the outside looking in. Yes, I know there was a QB race, but honestly, it feels like that really was one of philosophy between using a traditional drop back guy and a zone read type. Once that was decided, and honestly with our running backs, changing the power pro set seems far fetched, the actual name of the jersey seems less relevant now.

I reserve the right to change my mind about that assessment.

The defense has new faces, but I'm not concerned about that side of the ball. Yeah, we are going to be green, and I see a blown wheel route coverage or two coming, but on the whole, I think our D got better, something we'll not really see until later in the season. That is a long way of saying that hoping for a shutout here is unreasonable, even with UL-M's offensive issues.

  1. How many WRs will get touches? Mason spread the ball around. UGAQB needs to be able to do so as well, especially since we'll see Mitchell covered up until another WR steps up to make teams respect our passing game. I'm looking at the TEs and RBs. Spread the ball around, especially on the edge, and you are seeing progression in our passing game, even if we don't have one guy averaging 10 targets a game.
  2. How many touches will Nick Chubb get? I'm going with a WAG O/U of 12, though it could be 20 and it could be 6. UL-M's run defense was not good last year. Still, I expect us to spread touches out early. I hope we have the kind of lead after halftime that allows Chubb to not play after the 2nd Q. If he gets 25 touches, we've got bigger issues.
  3. Will the new look kicking game be new look? Honestly, I hope we don't see Barber, but if we do, I want to see that booming Freshman Barber back. And all touch backs on kickoffs, please.
Get a solid performance out of our base sets on both sides of the ball, give UGAQB some opportunities to get confidence, keep Pruitt from pulling more hair out on defense, and don't get hurt. Seems like achievable goals.


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