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September 13, 2015

And when you leave your defense to win for you...

Blutarsky beat me to it (no surprise), but Connelly's five factors tells you a lot about yesterday being a defensive led blowout. The one thing that I kept thinking was the difference in the starting field position:

UGA - Own 24.4
Vandy - 31.1

Yeah. It looks like seven yards, right? But given the situations, think about this: Vandy started two drives inside Georgia territory, including one at our 8 yard line. Vandy had three more scoring opportunities and started inside our ten once and inside our 45 on another drive. They got a touchdown on one of those against our second team defense.

The defense was the epitome of bend, don't break. Vandy had four drives of 10+ plays, giving up 71 yards before getting a turnover on downs. Of their 15 drives, seven were 3 or fewer plays.

If you want to find a bright spot, it is this: while some players put up gaudy tackle for loss numbers (I'm looking at you Mr. Jenkins), the entire defense played lights out.

There are plenty of what if's to be had, but the fact is our defense led the win. Haven't we always been taught you have to run the ball to win and defense wins championships?


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