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September 14, 2015

What it's like to play Toledo

You are having a nice little Saturday. Just a day at the office. Yeah, you've got some water to tote, but nothing too bad. Got up early, 'cause that's what we do around here. Maybe a Waffle House breakfast and two, no make it three Bloody Marys. Had a nice little week talking crap about other folks. Seriously, nothing can ruin this day because when I'm done toting this water, I'm gonna go get right.

Nothing can ruin this Saturday. Not a thing, bro. I've got my chill khakis and nice white pullover on. Living life. Just gotta get this water toted first OMGWHATJUSTBITMEONTHESIDEOFMYHEAD?!?

We've all been there Arkansas, we've all been there.


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