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September 17, 2015

Hot Seat by Any Other Name

I like the AP's Ralph Russo, so I assume he was forced to write this about the future of Frank Beamer, Steve Spurrier, Kirk Ferentz, George O'Leary, Bob Stoops, and....Mark Richt. The only common themes are age and longevity. All of those have been at their current school for at least ten seasons. Beamer, Stoops, and Ferentz are the three longest serving head coaches at their current school. Richt is fifth, O'Leary is seventh, and Spurrier is tied for 8th.

After that, well,
At 55, Richt is a long way from collecting social security. He has been at Georgia for 15 seasons, won 138 games and two Southeastern Conference titles, but still Bulldogs fans generally feel as if the program has underachieved. Maybe. There were rumors last year that Richt was considering stepping down. He has always seemed like a coach who would be comfortable walking away relatively young.
Yeah. Sounds like hot seat re-branded to me.


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