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September 18, 2015

3 Questions: South Carolina

  1. Will we have to pass to win? Wait, maybe it is will we have to pass enough to satisfy the RUNTHEDAMNBALL fans from last year. That is really the problem. And here is the part that really chafes those fans asses: Richt and Schottenheimer don't care. They really are the honey badgers of play calling. They are going to call the plays they want, when they want. And it'll be with purpose. So my answer to this is yes and no. Will we have to pass more than 25 times to win? Maybe that is the better question.
  2. Will this be like last year's game? Honestly, last year's game was just like the Vandy game was last week, with one exception: Vandy didn't go to that quick passing game until late. South Carolina was the beneficiary of dicey special teams play (especially on pooch kickoffs and FG attempts), bad seam coverage in zone passing defense, and a couple of head scratching officiating decisions that paid off for the Gamecocks. Maybe we got that game out of our systems against Vandy. If we didn't, I still like our chances, but it'll be another gut wrenching up to the last minute thing because the Gamecock offense is at least two play makers better than Vandy's.
  3. How much does our crowd matter? I'm not talking about some esoteric home vs away record stuff. I'm talking about this being South Carolina's first road game with a former walk on as the starting QB. I'm talking getting them off their rhythm, causing them to jump off sides. I'm talking making their defense doubt their places in the firmament. There is tangible benefit to bringing the noise, even if the offense isn't running plays you like. 
BTW, last year's Clemson stat line: Passing - 18/26, 131 yards, 0 TDs; Rushing - 41 for 328, 5 TDs. Mason's longest completion was a sideline throw to Bennett for 23 yards. South Carolina can be beat without us slinging the ball around. UGAQB has to be better at reading defenses and checking into plays that work. We also have to be willing to pass on first down and using tempo to our advantage. Defensively, throw multiple looks at Orth, watch for tricks to get Cooper and Wilds the ball in space, and play solid pass D.


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