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September 20, 2015

That was fun, right?

No analysis, just an observation or two:
  • Probably my favorite moment was the pooch kick. It only would have been better if we'd called a timeout with 2 minutes left and kept throwing it.
  • I honestly though Spurrier was wondering around at the end of the game to find a reporter to resign to.
  • There'll be some more about this after I re-watch it, but Lambert shut up the doubters. He gets his name used here moving forward. Kid has earned it.
  • Mr. We Gonna Give Up 42 Points Guy left after we got it 45 points. I'd like to think that was a direct result of my ongoing snark about how many points South Carolina would need to score per minute to get there.
I know some of you will point out that Lambert still missed some open deep reads and/or got lucky on a couple of passes and/or Vandy and/or South Carolina's defense isn't good against the pass and/or [INSERT WHATEVER FITS YOUR NARRATIVE]. Just admit it, you were wrong, if for one night.


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