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October 2, 2015

3 Questions: Alabama

  1. Who wins the battle for the lines of scrimmage? Offensively, can UGA do enough to get the ground game going and keep Lambert alive? Defensively, can we create havoc and make Coker look like he did against Mississippi? Can we contain Henry and Drake?
  2. Can Lambert step up and shine? The knock on him has been the punchline of 'former UVA QB.' This is the kind of game that will let him shake that off once and for all.
  3. How will special teams play into the game? I like our chances if it comes down to something special teams with one big caveat: the rain. It makes catching punts/kicks hard and costs the return guy the ability to cut.
Honestly, this is one of those games that you could list 50 things and probably be right. Both teams are so evenly matched talent wise. There are no moral victories, but this is a measuring stick game for UGA. Play to the level I believe UGA is now at and we'll win or be really, really close to winning, absent something fluky. 

Go Dawgs.


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