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October 2, 2015

Reasons for hope: Alabama

  1. Despite the rain, we can move the ball through the air. Too much is made of rain=can't throw. In reality, rain helps the offense in passing situations because the recievers already know where they are going, which way they are going to cut, and how the play should develop. Yes, there is an added challenge of catching the wet ball, but that isn't nearly as important as getting open/having room to run if the ball is caught in the first place.
  2. We have the TEs to exploit their upfield rush. Alabama is going to make us throw. I'm cool with that: "Georgia’s got a fine offensive line, bookended by senior tackles John Theus and Kolton Houston,but they will be tested by this pass rush. Georgia does have a significant edge on passing downs, as the Tide defense at times still seems to struggle on third downs." To boot, we know we can go deep a couple of times.
  3. We are now a quick read team. That is what Alabama struggles with, especially when they have to defend a team that is competent at the quick slant and has RBs that can run competent pass routes.
  4. If you are going to run on Alabama, you do it on the edges. This is why I think Sony Michel is more of a key to this game than Nick Chubb. I think Chubb gets 20 carries. At least. I also think to win, Michel has to touch the ball 15 or so times, with a nice mix of rushes and catching passes. For my money, run a wheel route with Michel. That should be money all day.
Look, I'm not saying Alabama is a bad team. Far from it. I'm saying Georgia is a good team. And is both talented enough and well prepared enough to win tomorrow. I realize that sounds provocative and wacky to some people, but there it is.

One last thing: I believe what happened against UL-Monroe and Vandy (especially in the first half) with Lambert is a direct result of our game plan. We were intentionally static and predicable. That is not the offense Brian Schottenheimer will run the rest of this season. 



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