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October 2, 2015

Reasons for Concern: Alabama

  1. Schottenheimer and Lambert have become too reliant on the quick slant to Mitchell. Smart and Saban are two of the best at disguising coverage. I fear we'll go to that well one too many times and the Tide D will have someone waiting there that Lambert never sees to jump that route. That is a recipe for quick pick 6.
  2. Alabama's defensive backfield is much improved. A lot of that is due to their newly found pass rush, which is great a bringing pressure from the base looks and from weird angles. If Lambert gets happy feet, can he maintain poise and take a hit? 
  3. What if the rushing game is not working at all. They have a very good front seven, especially against the run. I'm not sure we have the passing offense to get us a win.
  4. Alabama's leading reciever is OJ Howard, their TE that is built like Blazevich, but runs like Chris Conley. He is a beast in space. He is even better when he splits seams in coverage. In all four of our games, the most successful pass plays that teams have run against UGA has been the middle seam route, where the LBs give up on (or flat out fail to) coverage of that middle guy. 
  5. Lane Kiffin had the best possible game plan as the OC at Tennessee against us in 2009. See #2 and add in play action pass.
  6. UGA hasn't faced a 1-2 punch like Henry and Drake yet.

Alabama presents a unique challenge: They are a mirror image of UGA, both offensively and defensively. The problem is they have more experienced players, especially on defense. It remains to be seen if Georgia has closed the coaching gap.


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