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October 1, 2015

Not to put too fine a point on this....

Alabama's rushing defense hasn't really faced the greatest rushing threats in the world yet:

09/05/15+ 13 AlabamaTurfL 17-3521401.900
09/12/15Miami (Ohio)TurfW 58-0451884.183
09/19/15TroyTurfW 28-3351995.693
09/26/15HawaiiTurfW 28-0543266.043

Middle Tennessee State
09/05/15Jackson St.TurfW 70-14622423.904
09/12/15@ 13 AlabamaGrassL 10-3731862.770
09/19/15CharlotteTurfW 73-14492805.714
09/26/15IllinoisTurfL 25-2737381.030

Ole Miss
09/05/15Tenn.-MartinTurfW 76-3363389.395
09/12/15Fresno St.TurfW 73-21352156.144
09/19/15@ 13 AlabamaGrassW 43-3732922.882
09/26/15VanderbiltTurfW 27-16421513.602

09/05/15@ 8 GeorgiaGrassL 14-5126451.730
09/12/15Nicholls St.TurfW 47-0382025.323
09/26/15@ 13 AlabamaGrassL 0-343190.290
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Besides Wisconsin, which has been an average rushing team outside of the Alabama game (and that against the #87, #110, and #119 ranked rushing defenses), there is nothing about Alabama's competition to get me excited. Once Mississippi got into the conference schedule, they struggled; for comparison sake, UGA rushed for 130 more yards on Vandy on one less attempt. Overall, Alabama has played tougher competition, but it their rushing defense remains an open question when you look at what the teams they have faced have done against other schools.

I'm not saying this means anything about Saturday other than anyone quoting Alabama's defensive rushing stats and in the same breath saying Georgia hasn't faced anyone isn't really being intellectually honest.


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