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October 1, 2015

Waitin' Since Last Saturday Ep 013: Alabama Preview

Will, Scott, and I break down the matchup, state our hopes and dreams for the outcome of this game and discuss what a win for Georgia might mean as the season progresses, but just as we begin to settle in on a good feeling about the Dawgs chances of taking down Saban and company on Saturday, one of us picks the Tide to beat Georgia. Which one of us is it? Stay tuned to find out.

Does Clemson stand a chance against Notre Dame in Death Valley as the Irish make their first trip to Clemson since 1977 when Joe Montana was taking snaps under center. Two of the most disappointed fan bases in college football square off in Knoxville as embattled coaches face off as Arkansas limps into Tennessee. There is one more key West vs East SEC matchup happening in Gainesville as Ole Miss and their vaunted Land Shark defense seek to stay undefeated against the surprisingly undefeated Gators.

If you want to tweet us, our show’s handle is @wslspodcast. Will’s personal handle is @williamfleitch, Tony aka tyler dawgden can be found at, no surprise here, @TylerDawgden and as for me, Scott Duvall, my Twitter handle is @JaWaViFilms.

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