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October 30, 2015

One thing about Florida

It doesn't matter who is playing QB (ED NOTE: I started this Thursday morn). There is opportunity for our offense to shake off the 3rd down blues. Florida looks pedestrian on standard 3rd downs. The upside, on 3rd and short, they are giving up first downs regular (11 of 16 opportunities). Where Florida is tight is teams that get cute and try to rush the ball on 3rd and longer than 4. They are only allowing 6 rushing first downs on 24 attempts.

The other side of that coin is Florida's pass defense. On 3rd and 7-10, they have allowed 7 first downs on 9 of 12 attempts. Once teams get into a must pass no matter what situation (10+ yards), that drops to 6 of 20.

I don't have good analysis on why that is, but it is something to think about.

One other thing is Florida's first down defense. On 194 first downs this season, the Gators have only given up 898 yards. That's 4.62 yards per play. The crazy thing? Passing against them on first down is the way to go. While teams are only completing 52% of first down pass plays, they are gaining over 6.5 yards per attempt (and over 12 yards per completion). Again, I don't know how all this factors into the offensive game plan, but it is clear this plays into quick slant passing game. I have no idea with Bauta what this means.

With Bauta, I have to assume we are looking at running more read option and letting him free lance some. The upside, at least to me, is it'll have to freeze those LBs dropping into space, allowing for cleaner passing lanes on the middle passes and TE looks, as well as providing more man match ups to Mitchell, Goodwin, and Davis.

As for me and my house, I welcome our new spread offense overlord.

Go Dawgs.


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