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October 19, 2015

SEC Power Poll, Week 7

  1. Alabama - At some point Alabama's offense will need to score more points than their defense.
  2. LSU - As long as LSU has Fournette and the Mad Hatter, they'll be in games.
  3. Florida - I've got nothing good to say. I hope global warming happens this week so the entire place is gone.
  4. Texas A&M - I'm willing to give the Aggies the benefit of the doubt for Saturday night, but they don't win many games on their schedule with Allen playing the way he did.
  5. Mississippi State - Miss State is putting together a nice little season so far. Now for the inevitable run for the Liberty Bowl.
  6. Mississippi - Much like the Ole Miss freshman fraternity boys of old losing stuff at Earnestine & Hazel's, the Rebel Bears lost their dignity in Memphis Saturday.
  7. Tennessee - Butch Jones managed to not lose a game this weekend.
  8. Georgia - Hey, a week went by without a player Georgia faced getting an offensive player of the week honor. That's progress.
  9. Arkansas - At some point, the media will get tired of hoping the Razorbacks will 'get over the hump' and just see them for the 3-5 SEC team they are.
  10. Auburn - That little trick of holding on for dear life ain't going to cut it for at least 4 of the last six games.
  11. Kentucky - Kentucky was *this* close to making a run at a top of the bowl line up appearance. 
  13. South Carolina - Is a gutsy win over Vandy enough to get Shawn Elliott a real shot at the head coaching job? That would be a reverse Crooming, right?
  14. Vandy - Even Missouri and South Carolina imploding can't get the 'Dores out of the cellar.


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