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October 26, 2015

SEC Power Poll, Week 8

  1. Alabama - Good teams win rivalry games when they don't do anything particularly right. 
  2. LSU - They are just so efficient at pounding you into the dirt. On both sides of the ball.
  3. Florida - I'd root for North Korea before I'd root for the Gators.
  4. Mississippi - Ole Miss is the guy you hung out with in high school who knew where all the good parties were and spent half the time trying to pick a fight with the hostess's boyfriend after throwing your keys in the pool.
  5. Mississippi State - If Mississippi State slips up and beats LSU or Alabama, I'd look for some Dak for Heisman talk to get started. 
  6. Texas A&M - Let's maybe hold off on that Sumlin to Southern Cal talk.
  7. Tennessee - Too bad Alabama didn't try a field goal at the end of the game.
  8. Georgia - The hardest part about having a bye week for some fan bases is they have literally nothing new to be pissed off about.
  9. Arkansas - Perhaps Arky needs to install an overtime offensive package and run that all the time.
  10. Auburn - Sean White game ending interception was the game winning square on 'Auburn offensive ineptitude' bingo Saturday.
  11. Kentucky - The Wildcats only had to do one thing to win Saturday. Regretfully, that one thing was to score 43 points.
  12. South Carolina - Hey, no one has scored on South Carolina's defense in nearly 9 days.
  13. Vandy - Anchor up. A little.
  14. Missouri - I'm not sure this is the Missouri the SEC thought they were getting.


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