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October 15, 2015

Why not?


You know, when I first saw this, I thought it was a player just having fun with a reporter, but apparently, CMR is in on the gag, too:
And Richt indicated it’s not just an experiment for specialized situations. He’s prepared to put in Hicks in any situation. Hicks worked there
“Mainly because he’s played a lot of plays in his career,” Richt said. “We’ve trained him in the past at that position, and he’s got some pretty good running skills. He’s a physical back and he’s also probably a better pass protector as well. So that’s the kind of guys we want to go into a game with.”
Let's be clear, seeing Quayvon in at TB is going to make me feel certain things in my nether regions because he's a grown ass man who is a tough tackle in the open field. I don't see him supplanting Marshall for the back up spot behind Michel, but damn if a jumbo package with him and Douglas on the field at the same time isn't sexy.


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