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November 13, 2015

Auburn Preview

Honestly, I've given up on trying to figure out what we are going to do. I think we'll be ok defensively, unless we lose our minds and allow Johnson to dink and dunk pass us to death. Or we give them too many short fields and free drives and Auburn runs 100 plays.

Offensively, I'm all ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Seriously, look at Auburn's defensive stats/our prior performances and tell me any one thing below is impossible:
  1. Lambert goes 7-19 and a pick in the first half. Ramsey comes in and only throws three passes, but it doesn't matter because Michel and Goodwin run for 300 yards. Georgia wins 24-10
  2. Lambert goes 7-19 and a pick in the first half. Ramsey comes in and only throw three passes, and Auburn realizing we'll never throw again, stacks the box. We run Michel, Marshall, and Douglas into the line 35 times. Auburn wins 24-3.
  3. Lambert throws an interception on his first pass. Ramsey comes in and finds a rhythm, going 22-28 and four TDs. Georgia wins 35-24
  4. Lambert goes 18-39, but no TDs or picks. Ramsey plays one series, but only hands the ball off. Auburn wins 14-9.
  5. Lambert and Ramsey combined go 18-25, both have two picks. Auburn runs 109 plays. Auburn wins 38-6
  6. Lambert goes 22-24 again. Georgia wins 35-32
  7. Michel and Goodwin combine for 300 yards rushing. Georgia wins 24-3
  8. We sneak Bauta in at WR twice. He gets two TDs, one on a double pass, the other on a jet sweep. Georgia wins 14-13.
  9. Lambert and Ramsey combined goes 17-24 with two TDs. Michel and Marshall each get 100+ yards rushing. Georgia wins 28-3.
  10. We give up an unholy daily double of special teams TDs: a combination of kick return, punt return, blocked punt, fumbled punt/kick. Auburn wins 38-9.
I can't argue with any scenario being too far fetched.


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