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November 13, 2015

Hoops start tonight

If you listened to this week's podcast, you heard us preview UGA basketball a bit. We hope to continue the podcast during hoops season.

I think we'll be a bubble team, but look bad early. There are lots of reasons for my early pessimism, but most of that centers on two key factors: we are going to play a lot of young guys off the bench, and Coach Fox's teams have looked offensively stifled during the beginning of the season in each year he's been here.

The offensive scheme Coach Fox runs has been well debated here and other places. It requires precision passing and floor awareness to give perimeter mismatches. The upside is we have the perimeter players to run the offense, with Gaines and Mann. That kind of offense, especially when you have a couple of capable shooters, can yield dividends.

That said, tonight is a tough tip off game. UTC is the heavy favorite to win the SoCon. They are experienced. The good news is they have a new coach in Matt McCall, who was Billy Donovan's top assistant at Florida.

Tip off is 7pm at Stegeman. SEC Network + will have coverage on the WatchESPN app (and possibly on SEC Network Alternate channels).


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