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November 6, 2015

I'm just going to leave this here

To anyone rooting for Georgia to lose 'just to get Richt fired:'
And I’m damn sure not going to root for the team to lose just because it might hasten his departure. Even if you think the coaches don’t deserve any better than that, the players do. The coaches will be fine whatever happens; if Richt got fired tomorrow, his most pressing dilemma would be whether to deposit his $800,000 buyout directly into an IRA or cash it out into hundreds and roll around in it on his bed. But the players are just playing the hand they’ve been dealt. Continued losses aren’t going to do them any good. Wins — and the confidence that the fan base is still behind them — will.
Guys, don't forget there are 85+ kids who have given their lives to entertain and represent us, UGA. They deserve our support, regardless of your feels about Mark Richt.


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