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November 5, 2015

Wolken on UGA

Dan Wolken has long treated Mark Richt like CMR stole his last kitten. That being said, he's a very good journalist (read: he can get people to talk to him).  His latest on the ongoing UGA football program saga is strong work.


► Georgia athletics director Greg McGarity favored a coaching change after last season but was overruled by president Jere Morehead. Richt was then given a contract extension.
► Regardless of the ultimate decision on Richt this time, defensive coordinatorJeremy Pruitt almost certainly will not be back, as his relationship with Richt and Georgia administrators has grown toxic.
► Georgia does not have one or two mega-boosters with the influence to make the call on Richt, but the displeasure of the Bulldogs' high-dollar financial supporters has made its way to Morehead's office.
► If Richt stays, it will be with a coaching staff that looks very different as first-year offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer has also been viewed as a problem.
Wolken goes on to mention the internal conflict between Richt and Pruitt.

He also spends some time on Dan Mullen, mentioning McGarity's likelihood of leaning on Jeremy Foley's advice (and that Mullen didn't get a look for the Florida job).

Then there is this:
Georgia's search, of course, could go much wider than the SEC. Names like Jimbo Fisher, Dabo SwinneyMark Dantonio, David Shaw, Jim MoraGary Patterson and James Franklin would all come up initially with other potentially available big names like Bill O'Brien certain to be linked with Georgia. There is no guarantee any of those coaches would be interested, that is the kind of list Georgia could and should pursue, according to multiple people in the industry.
I'd view everyone on that list a win with the exceptions of Mora and Franklin (and even Franklin, if I'm being honest about him as a coach).


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