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November 19, 2015

Napoleon's Battle Plan

Before we go all 'yeah but Ramsey,' calm down. That fight has been lost. We are on game 11. There won't be another change absent an injury.

Still, reading this
Georgia’s commitment to Lambert goes beyond the playing time. Methodically, the Bulldogs have adapted their strategy to fit him. No longer are they trying to play a fast-paced, up-tempo on offense. For the last two games they’ve been huddling up and playing a more deliberate brand of ball.
and you can't be fooled into thinking anything other than we'll only see bits and pieces of anyone other than Lambert from here on out.

I could get into the reasons beyond Chubb's injury that we are in this situation, but I'd say we took at least one game too long to get here.

Is there any clearer reason we started Bauta at Florida because someone on the coaching staff thought he was the better QB to run the hurry up? That's the most plausible thing I can come up with, especially considering the way he was utilized.

At least we are doing something with a plan. 


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