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November 9, 2015

Real Talk: Georgia played Alabama closer than LSU did

Look, we have a narrative to keep up, but let's be honest about things: Alabama is a very good football team, especially when it looks like everyone is willing to write them off.

And they are absolutely loaded for bear against teams that want to run against them. Case in point are LSU and UGA.

10/03/15GeorgiaGrassW 38-10381935.081
11/07/15LSUGrassW 30-1626542.081

Even taking Fournette (18 yards) and Chubb's (83 yards) longest runs, UGA still gains over a yard and a half more per carry. The passing stats favor LSU slightly, but mostly because of the interception numbers. Honestly, those turnovers and the blocked punt are the only difference in the two performances, if you ask me.

There is no doubt LSU is a better team than Georgia. I'm not close to arguing that. I am saying that no one is claiming LSU crapped the bed against Alabama. They got beat. Just like UGA did.

Which brings me to my last point: our offense has been a disaster at times, but we are a middle of the road SEC team more because of our inability to protect the football, especially on special teams. If we go the rest of this season without giving up a special teams TD of some sort, it'll be a miracle.



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