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November 9, 2015

SEC Power Poll, Week 10

  1. Alabama - Alabama's most valuable player award should probably go to Dan Wolken for his six 'The Dynasty is Dead' articles after the Ole Miss game.
  2. LSU - I mean, do you want to argue they aren't second?
  3. Florida - This offense still looks stagnant when they aren't given multiple gift scoring opportunities. 
  4. Mississippi State - Bye week bump, because CHAOS. I'm an idiot. but still CHAOS
  5. Mississippi - ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. Tennessee - The Vols tried so hard to lose to South Carolina. However, losing a game late is one thing South Carolina is just better at than Tennessee.
  7. Georgia - Is there any rule that requires you use a 'quarter back?'
  8. Arkansas - If you need any more proof that Bert is a better coach than Petrino, consider what Petrino would probably have hopped on Saturday night.
  9. Auburn - Oh, *that* Jeremy Johnson.
  10. Texas A&M - Honk if you intercepted a Kyler Murray pass this weekend.
  11. Kentucky - When you lose approximately 77% of your offensive output, bad things happen.
  12. South Carolina - Showing signs of life in Knoxville is nice and all, but this Gamecock team just isn't equipped to win this game.
  13. Vandy - Whoever said defense wins championships never saw Vandy play offense.
  14. Missouri - While larger forces are at play in Columbia, that the entire football team is standing together tells me a lot about Gary Pinkel and his ability to keep his team together despite a very hard season.


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