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November 18, 2015

Teeing it up for Georgia Southern

You want a quick game? Georgia's new offensive philosophy depends on running as much time as possible off the clock. Georgia Southern is second in the nation in time of possession, and the Eagles haven't played a game over 3:29 all season.

So you should expect your grandfather's football game on Saturday. We'll throw some, but if the Eagles want to win, they'll have to guard against obvious mismatches on the long ball with Mitchell and McKenzie. That should soften their front to allow us to run.

Southern's run offense is tops in the nation. For comparison's sake, below are GSU's rushing offense and defensive performances to date, with their opponent's respective ranks.

2015 Georgia Southern Eagles Rushing Defense Game Log through 11/14/2015

DateOpponentSurfaceResultAttYardsAvg.Opp Rush Off rank
09/05/15West VirginiaTurfL 0-44401854.6318
09/12/15Western Mich.GrassW 43-1726250.9630
09/19/15CitadelGrassW 48-13543135.802 in FCS
09/26/15IdahoTurfW 44-20341113.2697
10/03/15La.-MonroeTurfW 51-3126471.81123
10/17/15New Mexico St.GrassW 56-26291334.5945
10/22/15Appalachian St.TurfL 13-31482314.816
10/29/15Texas St.GrassW 37-13311264.0642
11/14/15TroyTurfW 45-1018683.78117
@ : Away, + : Neutral Site

2015 Georgia Southern Eagles Rushing Offense Game Log through 11/14/2015

DateOpponentSurfaceResultAttYardsAvg.Opp Rush Def Rank
09/05/15West VirginiaTurfL 0-44571953.4292
09/12/15Western Mich.GrassW 43-17524137.9478
09/19/15CitadelGrassW 48-13493837.8262 in FCS
09/26/15IdahoTurfW 44-20524418.48127
10/03/15La.-MonroeTurfW 51-31674556.79117
10/17/15New Mexico St.GrassW 56-26595078.59124
10/22/15Appalachian St.TurfL 13-31381884.9530
10/29/15Texas St.GrassW 37-13675037.51125
11/14/15TroyTurfW 45-10663254.92109

For comparison's sake, UGA has played the 117th, 105th, 21st, 54th in FCS, 2nd, 51st, 14th, 10th, 95th, and 91st ranked rushing defenses. And Georgia, though very low in FBS in passing offense, has 120 ypg more passing than Southern, who is dead last, with a bullet.

Georgia has clearly faced tougher rushing defenses.

All of this is to say, this makes me feel better about Georgia Southern's giving up 7+ yards per attempt and bad about their having 14 interceptions on the season.

Just stuff to worry about headed into Saturday.


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