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December 12, 2015

I was gonna go to the Gala, but I got...


Chauncey Rivers gets rung up for his second pot arrest in five weeks. There are plenty of stories out there on it, so I won't link anything. Another garden variety not being smart some more.

The interesting thing will be how it is approached. The handbook, as we know it, lays out a 30% of the season penalty for this situation, with the possibility of more since he is likely on some sort student judiciary probation for the prior offense. From the athletics side, Kirby Smart isn't Mark Richt. If there is a time to have a change in approach to discipline, and what triggers discipline, it will be during a head coaching change. The reason is simple: the new head coach has the most possible leverage before he is hired, especially since he has an agent Jimmy Sexton doing the talking.

That is especially true when you are The Man who your current employer moved a successful, long term coach out of the way for.



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