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December 12, 2015

Georgia makes some coaching hires official

I'll get to Chaney in a minute, and we knew about Schumann, but the hire I'm probably most impressed with is Pittman. Besides being Arkansas' recruiting coordinator, his OL has done really well. Arkansas, with Pittman as OL coach, has given up less than one sack a game in his three years. His Tennessee line in 2012 gave up 8 sacks on the season. That's on teams that have also managed to balance rush and pass, while still averaging around 5 yards per carry.

Chaney has had some ups and downs, but if you remember, he was the architect of Jonathan Crompton's epic 20/27 day against UGA, where they ran a play action pass clinic against us. He got Jonathan Crompton drafted in the NFL. Yeah, the guy can develop a QB. He's also been able to get unheralded RBs 1000 yard seasons, notably working with Pittman at Arkansas, where he had two last season.



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