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December 15, 2015

Kirby: Georgia needs size and depth

Not hard to see why he pursued Pittman, then, right?
Arkansas' starting offensive line is also humongous, weighing a total of 1,638 pounds, making them the largest front five in all of football -- college, NFL or elsewhere.
Parsing it out, it also isn't hard to see that Smart thinks Mark Richt's recruiting philosophy is different than the one he'll employ. Much hand wringing has gone on around these parts about the roster numbers, especially in the late part of last decade, but even now, with nearly a full compliment of scholly players, it isn't hard to see Smart's divergence from how Mark Richt operated.

In other words, look for grey shirts, more guys transferring after two seasons, and those nebulous 'decided to quit' due to [FILL IN THE BLANK]. It's all about numbers, baby. He who has the most numbers, has the most depth.



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