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January 7, 2016

Hoops update

No news, just a couple of thoughts as UGA goes 1-1 to start the SEC slate.
  • The Florida game, which Georgia lost by 14, was a good example of what happens when UGA doesn't play fundamentally sound defense against a good inside out team. Egbunu and Robinson ate Georgia's lunch. Part of that was the officiating, which is what happens on the road. The Dawgs got out rebounded by 10+, took too many lazy jack it up three opportunities, and went to the foul line 15 fewer times. That's a recipe for a loss against any team with a pulse. I'm also looking at you Chattanooga.
  • The upside is the only reason this wasn't a 20+ point loss is UGA shot 70% from the free throw line, compared to UF's 57%. I'd like to see that number closer to 80%, as I'm sure Coach Fox would, but considering Mike Edwards went 1-4, that isn't terrible. Edwards missed a couple of front end 1 and 1's. He'll improve as his conditioning/college game play awareness improves.
  • By the way, Tennessee watched the game film from the Georgia game and did the opposite of Georgia. They beat the Gators by 14 at home. Isolate Egbunu, get good mid range and 3pt looks. Win rebounding. 
  • The Mizzou game was a great example of how well Georgia can play. How well they played scares me a little bit . Mark Fox has a job ahead convincing the players that part of that success was opponent as they head on the road to face Ole Miss this weekend.
  • That being said, the more I watch Maten and Ogbeide play, the more excited I get about what this team could be. If we could ever get one more big man in the rotation to allow Fox to play two true bigs at a time, we'd be dangerous. I'm looking at you Mike Edwards. Ogbeide is young and still plays young, but his game is improving. Maten is a step above where he was last year.
  • I continue to be impressed with Geno and Kessler. Neither will be team stars, but both are playing better basketball. Geno's shot selection is in a different universe that it was last year. Both look like they've benefited from the S&C program.
I still think UGA needs to go at least 14-4 in the conference regular season to be assured of making the NCAA tournament. We win the right 13 and not lose to the dregs of the conference, we might still be a safe at-large pick. So we have to win road games, especially against teams we have similar profiles as. Winning this weekend in Oxford is a big next step towards making the tourney.


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