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January 7, 2016

UGA Football coaching

Just a quick note: I've gotten emails from folks asking why I'm not writing more about the coaching search and rumors. To be honest, I'm very much in a wait and see place here. On the Waitin' Since Last Saturday Podcast, I've talked some about the hires and generally, I'm happy.

If you've listened, you know I'm excited about the Pittman hire. I think the Chaney hire is smart because he seems to be an OC that adapts philosophy to talent instead of the opposite, and his QB development track record is impressive. I'm a huge fan of the Beamer hire. Obviously, I like keeping Rocker and Sherrer. With the DC yet to be hired, I feel ok about the staff on that side of the ball.

At this point, that seems like a good staff. Now, Kirby didn't win the press conference with but two hires, IMO: Pittman and Beamer. He still could with DC. For my money, I'm ok with that. He looks to be hiring young, ambitious coaches who are great recruiters to pair them with experienced coordinators who are great teachers.

One last thing, I'll feel like Kirby has put together a very good staff if he finds a former head coach to come in as some sort of analyst or whatnot (or DC for that matter). While he's been a Saban assistant for long enough to see how to be a head coach, there are just things as HC that are going to come up that he's never dreamed of thinking about. The Process demands that eventuality be planned for.

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